Sleep sweet baby sleep CD


This CD can be used from pre birth right through to Adult.
If you have a child which does not like their room or sleeping in their room, please play the cd in their room before
sleep time it clears the energy in the child’s room and brings in the angels ready to help them with sleeping.
This cd can also help adults relax, you can also use track 2 – 6 as back ground music for your home to help relax and
calm the energy in your home
If Child wakes up after the cd finishes try putting it on repeat until the child is sleeping through for a while and then
start the weaning process of how long it plays during the night until it only plays once through.
It may take the child a few times before the Cd works for them. Be persistent.


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Sleep Sweet Baby Sleep
This relaxation CD has 6 tracks. One track is sung in Angelic Ancient Language and guided in English, the other 5 tracks are chanelled keyboard sounds. These tracks delivers healing and relaxation energy directly to the heart and soul, to relax all souls from birth through to adult.

It has been chanelled to help us all relax and sleep

Use it to meditate with or just to have playing as background music.

Here is one testimonial- After only 3 days of my 10 month old son listening to Sleep Sweet Baby Sleep he knows the music is his sleep cue. He settles quickly, is more relaxed while in bed and now falls asleep within 5-10 minutes. He enjoys having a sing to the first track.
I know now not to forget to put the CD on, I only forgot the once and he was not happy until the music started.
Fantastic, I highly recommend this CD, ( plus its relaxing for the parents too).
NIKKI, mother to Jackson, (10 months old) .

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