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Chakra Balancing  MP3 download
Balance your chakras by relaxing in your own home and have an orchestra of bowls do the work for you.  This Cd is made to balance your common 8 chakras and also some not so common ones which need awakening.  With in the 9 tracks there are sounds that will also work on your Earth chakra, Atlantean Causal chakra, Duality chakra, Zeal point, all chambers of the Heart chakra, Stellar Gate Way chakra and also all your Minor chakras (Most of the non common chakras are part of the Atlantean Chakra System which is now awakening).
Use this CD as back ground music to balance and cleanse the energy in your home or office.  Also as you play it to balance your chakras or even just to relax to, you will be helping to send the rainbow vibration around the planet to help the Divine realm and Mother Nature with earth healing and balancing
The CD has healing sounds of a blend of 40 bowls (crystal and tibetan) played in a series of beats to activate, open, balance, regenerate and then seal each chakra and groups of chakras)