The new moon enters the watery and mystical realm of Pisces, representing a great time to pause, have a bit of a rest and spend some time on inner reflection. You might also feel intuitive or spiritually inspired.

We invite you to come and create your own New Moon Intention Setting personal experience, using journaling to set your intentions for the next month and making your own blend of essential oils to empower you on your journey.
Special Event - New Moon Intention Setting With Essential Oils!
An experiential workshop with Pina & Onessa
Pina will enhance our gathering with her unique gifts of Sound and Energy from the Angels, Ascended Masters and Goddess.

Onessa will be sharing her knowledge of the essential oils to assist you as you make your own Piscean New Moon Blend.
Onessa has over 24 yrs of experience with the use of essential oils in her private practice. She is now integrating this knowledge of the essential oils experience into teaching and educating through new classes. Using the doTerra oils. Onessa has been a Do Terra wellness advocate for 9 years, She has a MA in Psychological Counseling and is an doTerra AromaTouch Technique Trainer.
At Isean Crystals, Gifts and Wellness Center
Shop1, 111 Main South Rd
O'Halloran Hill

Ph  0872883044
17/3/2018 At 2.30pm Doors Open 2.00pm
(allow at least 2 hours for the workshop)
(the crystal shop will be open during our break and after the workshop)
Cost $33
Saturday March 17th 2018 at 2:30 pm
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